Burch George Germany Endorses Four Judges

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Firm News

Burch George Germany Endorses Four Judges
Electing judges who are capable of presiding with integrity and impartiality is vital to preserving our system of justice. We strongly believe Oklahoma residents deserve judges who are fair, impartial and knowledgeable. We also feel voters need to make informed decisions about the judges who preside in Oklahoma County, because judges do make decisions that affect people’s lives each day. Most Oklahoma County residents do not come into contact with judges on a daily basis. At election time, we are often asked by clients, friends, and other attorneys about judicial candidates. With more than 25 years of experience interacting with all of the judges running for re-election on the upcoming ballot, we can recommend with the utmost confidence that voters select the following judges for re-election in the Nov. 3 election.
  • Don AndrewsDon Andrews: Serving on the bench since March 2011, Andrews is a District Court special judge in Oklahoma County currently assigned to dockets dealing with family law matters. He is an excellent public speaker and has moderated several events dealing with domestic violence awareness. In a poll by the Oklahoma Bar Association, Andrews received a “qualified/well qualified” rating of 98 percent and the highest rating of any candidate, with 80 percent “well qualified.”
  • Donald L. DeasonDonald L. Deason: A judge for 15 years, Deason was appointed as a District Court judge for Oklahoma County in 2005. He moved from the Family and Domestic Division to the Criminal Felony Division in 2010 and since then has conducted more than 70 trials dealing with murder, drug trafficking and crimes against women, children and the elderly. He was recently elected by his peers as vice presiding judge of the Seventh Judicial District. Deason was honored as the Outstanding Family Law Judge in 2007 and received the Alma Wilson Award in 2009 for significant contributions to improving the lives of Oklahoma children. The Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association named him Best Judge of the Year in 2012.
  • Thomas E. PrinceThomas E. Prince: Appointed as a District Court judge in 2012, Prince presides over a civil docket for the Oklahoma County District Court. He was appointed after a thorough investigation and interview through a state Judicial Nominating Commission. A fourth-generation Oklahoman, Prince worked primarily as a civil trial attorney for 29 years. His beliefs are rooted in observations in his childhood hometown of Idabel in southeastern Oklahoma. There he saw a judge who made decisions based only on the law and evidence presented and did not allow social and political interests or relationships to affect his decisions.
  • Roger H. StuartRoger H. Stuart: Serving as a judge for nearly 20 years in Oklahoma County, Stuart was Gov. Mary Fallin’s first judicial appointment to the District Court. He received the Award of Excellence Oklahoma Judge of the Year presented by the State CASA Board, the Champion of Children Judge of the Year Award by the State Foster Care Association and the Medal of Merit Award from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, in addition to numerous other awards and honors. In 14 of 16 years as a judge, he scored the highest among local judges on the Oklahoma County Bar survey.
All of the judges we recommend for re-election received some of the highest scores possible in a poll of the Oklahoma Bar Association, displaying that they are highly respected by the attorneys who work in their courts each day. We believe they deserve to be re-elected to the bench, and we encourage all voters to educate themselves about the candidates for the coming election. If you want to know more about these judicial candidates, visit the links above. As Oklahomans committed to improving our community and state, the attorneys at Burch George Germany encourage citizens to exercise their rights to vote on election day. Download our letter here.