How to Make the Most of Your Commute

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Car Accident

Workers who travel to and from the workplace every day in Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa are likely to feel the frustration of heavy traffic. Interstate 40, I-44 and I-35 all get congested at certain times of day A car crash or tractor-trailer accident can cause traffic to back up and increase the stress of your commute.

More than 95% of the nation’s workers commute to work, and many are not happy about the time they spend on the road. Three-quarters of American drivers commute alone, and many consider the time wasted. Given the dangers of driving while using cellphones and other electronic devices, commuting drivers are encouraged to focus on the road and tune out other activities.

To make the drive to and from work more productive, Huffington Post writer Laura Vanderkam offers the following tips:

  • Set up a carpool. Having someone to talk with in the car can really ramp up your day, whether it’s a co-worker you can chat with about work, a spouse, or a friend. Even though it might take a little additional time to coordinate a carpool, having someone to bounce ideas off of and get ready for the work day can make otherwise boring time productive and fun.
  • Tune up your mind. Language instruction tapes, audio books, and audio business coaching are easy to get your hands on these days, and using your time behind the wheel to learn or practice a skill does not mean taking your attention off the road.
  • Practice for the day, out loud. Presentations at work and other scenarios where you have to speak in public are always easier with a little practice. If you commute alone, talking through the things you might say during that big business pitch might just make the job easier when the time comes to shine.
  • Exercise. If it’s possible, biking or walking to work is a great way to increase your fitness without the hassle of joining a gym or making time to work out. People who take public transit or drive to work can get out of the vehicle sooner to get a walk in before arriving at the office. Hop off the train a stop early or park the car a few blocks from work to transform some of your commute into an energizing opportunity to move.
  • Do your favorite solitary activities. Listen to the game, a talk show, or your favorite book on CD. Taking a bit of time to relax, even if you’re driving, can help round out your day and make the commute more enjoyable.