Oklahoma City’s Worst Intersections

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Motor Vehicle Accident

Car crashes are common on Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City. Seven of the 10 worst intersections in Oklahoma City are on the Northwest Expressway, KFOR-TV reported. According to the Oklahoma City public works director, these seven intersections see 50,000 or more vehicles every day.

The worst intersection in Oklahoma City is at Northwest Expressway and Belle Isle, which is close to the Interstate 44/235 junction. In 2011, there were 58 wrecks at that intersection. City officials chalk up the high numbers to inattentive drivers, reckless driving and human error.

To reduce crashes there, the city built a concrete wall to separate lanes. Although crashes fell from the high point of 86 in 2009, the intersection remains dangerous.

The 10 worst intersections, as compiled by the Oklahoma City Department of Public Workers, are generally in high-volume areas:

  1. Northwest Expressway & Belle Isle Blvd.
  2. Northwest Expressway & Rockwell
  3. Northwest Expressway & Portland
  4. Northwest Expressway & N.W. 63rd St.
  5. Northwest Expressway & Lake Hefner Parkway (east side)
  6. Northwest Expressway & Pennsylvania Ave.
  7. Northwest 39th Expressway & Meridian
  8. N. MacArthur & Reno Ave.
  9. S. Western Ave. & S.W. 59th St.
  10. Northwest Expressway & Lake Hefner Parkway (west side)

Oklahoma City had 16,608 reported auto collisions in 2012, more than any other city in the state.  Motorcycle accidents, pedestrian crashes, cyclist accidents and bus crashes are all common in Oklahoma City.

Given the large population of kids and families in Oklahoma City, parents and educators are rightly concerned about safety for students on the way to and from school. There were 63 school bus crashes in Oklahoma County in 2012. Oklahoma City accounted for nearly a third of school bus collisions in the entire state for the year.

On August 29, a school bus accident at S.W. 51st and Independence resulted in multiple injuries.

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