Every day in Oklahoma, thousands of teenagers get their driver licenses and take to the roads alone for the first time. Most of them are ready, but there’s no way to prepare teen drivers for everything that can happen while behind the wheel of a car.

Through our representation of Oklahoma car accident victims, we at Burch, George and Germany have seen teens who have had very good and very bad experiences as new drivers. Assuming the responsibility of driving and maintaining a car is part of becoming an adult.  Not every young person gets through this transition to adulthood unscathed, but we want to help where we can.

Part of our assistance to newly licensed and soon-to be-licensed teens is providing information we’ve compiled for these pages:

Our primary assistance to teens and their parents in Oklahoma is to stand up for their legal interests if they do get injured in car accidents Oklahoma caused by another motorist. Hopefully you won’t ever be seriously hurt in a car crash. But if you are and would like to know your car accident claim, please know that you can turn to us for help.

Visit our car accident FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked car accident questions such as, “What should be done in Oklahoma interstate accidents?”